Andreea Scutaru cv picture
  • Nationality: Romanian

  • Age: 26

  • Marital status: Married


    I am a passionate frontender focused on delivering useful results, characterized by simplicity. In the position as a frontend developer I will be able to contribute with my experience within:

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Asp.NET

    I will bring my dynamism and courage to the position in overcoming challenges, while cooperating with the other colleagues. I would also be ready to engage in customer contact activities, ability which I developed through volunteering and work. Furthermore, I am self studying Danish and I am working hard in order to improve my speaking capabilities.



    • HTML 80%
    • CSS 80%
    • Responsive Design 70%
    • ASP.NET 40%
    • JS 40%
    • jQuery 40%


    • PHOTOSHOP 60%
    • Visual Studio 2013 60%


    • Structured

      Detail oriented



      Working under pressure


      Good communication skills

      International team-work


    2016 | FONTEND DEVELOPER, Talking Ninja, 8700 Horsens

    Tasks and responsibilities:

    • maintainance and development of new functionality using HTML, CSS, Javascript,jQuery and ASP.NET
    • Creation and conversion of Photoshop designs for HTML/CSS
    • Conduct usability testing
    • Responsiveness

    2013-2014 | PRODUCT DEVELOPER, Revolve I/S, 8700 Horsens

    Tasks and responsibilities:

    • Setting up the technical framework for an interactive touch operating screen
    • Research, Communication, Survey analysis and recommendation
    • Benchmarking for IT projects
    • Event organization

    2010-2015 | Worker

    I had various positions besides studies, partly as vikar, newspaper deliverer and cleaning


    Double Degree Bachelor of Information Communication Technology and Global Business Engineering, VIA University College, Horsens, 2010-2015


    “Design and implementation of a website dedicated to parenting needs, based on market analysis focused on the Danish market”.(Score 10)

    Key Learning:

    • Asp.NET, C#, HTML, CSS
    • Developed competences in data analysis and quantitative statistics
    • Gained a deep understanding of the Danish e-commerce market
    • Project management

    • Product development - “ Webshop design, implementation and marketing research”

      Key skills: Asp.NET, HTML, CSS, Photoshop and C#

    • Booking system development and marketing research

      Key skills: Java programming and UML diagrams

    • Dream team process consultancy

      Key skills: competencies and experiences supervising an international project group


    2015 | Art Gallery Coordinator, Display Festival

    Custumer contact, event-planning and promotion, practical work

    2015 | Ticket sale Coordinator, Display Festival

    Tasks delegation, training

    2013-2014 | Salesperson, Stoneass Festival, Horsens

    Selling, customer interaction

    2014 | AIESEC Organizing Comittee member for Local Training Seminar

    Manage physical and technological resources, coordinate logistic requirement

    2013-2014 | AIESEC Finance department member

    Create and send invoices, register financial activities into the Accounting software, assist the creation of semesterly budget, recruting, promotional activities

    2012-2014 | Judge Assistant, First LEGO League, VIA University College

    2013 | Tutor in Summer School at VIA University College

    Organizing and coordinating social activities


    • Walking and Hiking

      I enjoy a good taste of fresh air and I am always up for a nature adventure,

    • Making Puzzle

      Helps me calm my mind

    • Cooking

      I love food and the tastig experience, therefor I like spoiling myself and my husband with a nice recipe at least twice a week.