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Talking Ninja

  • Industry: Education
  • Responsibilities: Design, frontend development, responsive layout
  • Lauched: May 2016
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Project Summary

Talking Ninja is an accelerated Danish language program that aims to helps its customers to understand 80% of the daily conversation in 3 months. Since I am an international myself and had difficulties in understanding the language, I found the concept to be very useful, therefore I decided to join the team.

The backend development was already taken care of, and they needed a frontender to improve the design and feel of the website. Shortly after joining the team, I started with improving the current estetics by focusing on simplicity and cleanliness, followed by the implementation of a Tutorial to help the users understand the logic of the system. Furthermore I created the design and implemented new features such as Skip button, Progress Bars and Progress chart, I also created the design for the front page in Photoshop followed by implementation.

Visual Studio 2013 was used for building the website and I enjoyed learning more about it. Furthermore HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, C#, JS and jQuery were the technologies I preffered to work with.

I learned working with GitHub repository and share my progress with the other colleagues.

Besides technical part, I created Photoshop promotional materials and conducted usability testing.

In Spetember 2016 Talkning Ninja announced to change directions and move completely to mobile version, therfore the website support will be stopped.

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